How does a high school student initially learn and/or develop their study skill sets and perspective?

Is it trial and error? A mixture of tips and tricks picked up along the way from friends, teachers and tutors? Maybe through observing and reading about how others have gone through high school and seeing what they would have changed?

At Successful Students we are solely focussed on study skill sets and insights … to help complement the important roles already being fulfilled by teachers, family, friends, tutors and the school.

Successful Students
  • Study skills and insights which enhance study performance
  • Independent, with no existing relationship with student
Teachers and school
  • Centre of learning - subject specific and well structured framework
  • School community and values which can influence a student’s outlook
  • Trusted and strong relationships
  • Facing the same challenges and pressures
  • Specialised subject specific support
  • 1-1 focus or in small class sizes
  • Personal relationship (emotion can play a negative role)
  • Support across all aspects of learning and study

Developing our program

If you ask students, you will understand it from their perspective. Ask teachers and it’s likely you will get a completely different answer. Question a few parents or tutors and it’s a different outlook again. The only constant is that everyone involved has the same theme or objective … a desire to enhance performance (learning, study or otherwise), get closer to academic potential and get better grades. Rather than just focus on one perspective or outlook, we approach it a little differently. In addition to attendee feedback, how many people were involved in the latest review and upgrade of the program? Successful Students actively involved more than 25 people. Some of those included current high school students; career teachers; university students; trainers; parents of ‘A’ students; tutors; students whose grades have been changing (+ and -); an industrial designer; project managers and the list goes on. It’s this way of thinking and approaching our program that provides us with different perspectives. And it’s all these perspectives that help ensure the program meets the needs of students and enhances their study performance.

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